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Travel tips for Lakshadweep(How to reach)

Updated: Mar 11

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Traveling to Lakshadweep, a group of stunning coral islands in the Arabian Sea, requires some planning due to its remote location and restricted access. Here's a guide on how to travel to Lakshadweep:

1. Entry Permits:

  • Lakshadweep is a Union Territory of India, and entry to the islands is regulated. To visit Lakshadweep, you need to obtain an entry permit. Permits are issued by the Lakshadweep Administration and can be obtained through authorized travel agents.

2. Choose Your Islands:

  • Lakshadweep consists of various islands, each with its own unique charm. Popular ones include Agatti, Bangaram, Kavaratti, and Kalpeni. Choose the islands you want to explore based on your interests and preferences.

3. Reach Kochi (Cochin):

  • The gateway to Lakshadweep is Kochi (Cochin) in Kerala. You need to reach Kochi first, as most flights and ships to Lakshadweep depart from here.

4. Transport to Lakshadweep:

  • By Air: The fastest way to reach Lakshadweep is by taking a flight from Kochi International Airport to Agatti Island. Agatti has the only airport in Lakshadweep that is open to tourists.

  • By Sea: Ships operated by Lakshadweep Administration also connect Kochi to the islands. The journey takes longer, usually around 14-20 hours depending on the island.

5. Accommodation:

  • Lakshadweep offers various accommodation options, including resorts and guesthouses. Ensure you book your stay in advance, especially during peak tourist seasons.

6. Local Transportation:

  • Once on the islands, local transportation is primarily by boats or small ferries. Some islands have limited options for renting bicycles or scooters for local exploration.

7. Activities and Permits:

  • Engage in water activities like snorkeling, scuba diving, and kayaking. Ensure you obtain the necessary permits for these activities, and check the weather conditions before planning.

8. Responsible Tourism:

  • Lakshadweep is known for its pristine marine environment. Practice responsible tourism by respecting local customs, not littering, and following eco-friendly guidelines.

9. Best Time to Visit:

  • The best time to visit Lakshadweep is from October to April when the weather is pleasant, and the sea is calm. Monsoons (May to September) are generally avoided due to rough seas.

10. Health and Safety:

  • Carry basic medicines and a first aid kit. Be aware of the local customs and follow safety guidelines for water activities.

11. COVID-19 Guidelines:

  • Check and adhere to any COVID-19 guidelines and travel restrictions in place during your intended visit.

12. Documentation:

  • Carry all necessary documents, including your entry permit, ID proofs, and travel tickets.

Lakshadweep offers a unique blend of natural beauty and cultural richness. Ensure you plan ahead, obtain the required permits, and enjoy your tropical paradise getaway responsibly.

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